Non-Print Materials

This section consists of power points, cartoons, videos and other material produced by programmes in which I was involved, but which were not authored directly by me.

Cartoon Workbooks

Cartoon Workbooks on different kinds of ethical dilemmas produced by Tiri (now Integrity Action) as part of their collaboration with Aga Khan Foundation’s Civil Society Programme.

Youth and Corruption DVDs

Produced by Tiri (now Integrity Action) on integrity challenges of youth in the field of sports, together with the Teachers Guide on how to use these DVDs for teaching integrity to teenagers.

OCAT (Organisational Capacity Assessment Tool) 

A methodological tool to help organisations assess (and score) themselves or others in respect of their organisational capacity – particularly NGOs and CSOs. This was produced by a number of different organisations and people in the early nineties (David brown, William Eatherley, Richard Holloway.

LOGOCAT (Local Governance Capacity Assessment Tool)

A modification of OCAT to deal with the situation of local governance at the sub-national level (dealing with local government, business and CSOs). It was designed as part of the AKF Civil Society programme in 2006 and used in Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

Social Accountability Tools

Sourcebook produced in Nepal in 2011 to support the PRAN programme (Programme for Accountability in Nepal).

Social Accountability Training Videos

Also produced to support PRAN in Nepal.


Videos Portfolio


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