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Key qualifications

  • 40 years of overseas experience in supporting and managing large-scale pro-poor equitable social development programmes, mostly with CSOs, and coordinating their work with Government. Extensive experience of working with non-state and state actors, including Parliaments, to strengthen processes of citizen-state engagement.
  • 8 years experience of work in Indonesia, with OXFAM, Chemonics/USAID, and the Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia/UNDP
  • 6 years experience with the Aga Khan Foundation in developing the growth and quality of civil society organizations and the development of a civil society together with the Governments’ understanding and acceptance of this in 4 countries of Africa and 4 countries of Asia.
  • 4 years’ experience as Senior Associate in a leadership for PACT in Zambia, supporting the development of an enabling environment for NGO advocacy, combined with research into the impact of democratic governance concepts on the basic needs of poor Zambians


Career focus

  • Government/civil society coordination, civil society engagement in development, advocacy, accountability, financial self-reliance, and anti-corruption – with extensive publications in each area
  • Social accountability and civic engagement for transparency
  • Grant making and management for CSOs linked to capacity building and competence strengthening
  • Democratic governance reforms, integrity building, and anti-corruption
  • Project management, organisational development, project monitoring and development and strategic planning
  • Anti-corruption mechanisms for CSOs and Governments, issues of transparency, and conflict management
  • Manager of teams of diverse technical expertise, backgrounds and cultures with proven ability to deliver programmes to meet client requirements in complex environments in many different countries
  • Financial sustainablity and resource mobilization for CSOs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility



1969-1970 & 1973 Post Graduate Diploma in Social Administration (Overseas) with distinction, London School of Economics and Political Science (in two parts with a release to work in Botswana)

1963-1966 BA (Hons) English Language and Literature, Oxford University


Recent selected consultancy assignments – Jan 2013 to Present

Jan 2018 to the Present: Regional Social Accountability Adviser to VSO East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania)

Jan 2016 to Mar 2017: Adviser to the Mayanmar CSO ALARM and Director of its EU FLEGT project (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance, and Trade)

Feb 2013 – Jan 2016: Short term consultancies for variety of donors in Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia reviewing governance projects

Jan 2015 – Feb 2017: Feb-Dec 2014: Consultant to two Myanmar CSOs in Myanmar (SPECTRUM and ECCDI) through Britiah Council’s AMATAE Programme. Working on governance, NGO capacity building, and forestry.

Nov-Dec 2013: Consultant to integrity Action to write modules for training university students, govt employees, and NGOs in anti-corruption and integrity building

Oct 2013: Consultant to British Council to design their proposal to DFID for a political reform and social accountability project in Zambia

Aug-Sep 2013 Consultant to the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) in Uganda

Eight donor co-funded project: provided options for DGF to add a capacity building component to the existing funding program for CSOs and state institutions for the remainder of the project term

June 2013 Mid Term Assessment of the Drivers of Accountability Program (DAP) in Kenya

A three donor co-funded programme to reduce impunity, increase citizens participation in decision making, and enact constitutional and electoral reforms, particularly in light of Kenya’s devolution.

May 2013 Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF), Kenya

Identified and institutionalised a local counterpart organisation, and researched donor interest in funding anti-corruption work in Kenya.

Mar 2013 “Program Representasi”, USAID-funded project in Indonesia

As part of a three person team, completed a mid-term assessment for USAID of this program which works with CSOs to make Parliament represent their constituencies better and develop better policies, in the context of the upcoming elections – on behalf of Chemonics Ltd.

Jan 2013 DAI Inc.

Designed a manual on the important elements needed for Voice and Accountability programmes.


Long Term Positions

  • Jan 2011-Jan 2013 Programme Director, PRAN (The Program for Accountability in Nepal)

    Euro 1.6 M, EU Myanmar (Jan 2016 – Feb 2017)

    • Managed the third year of this three year Project called “FLEGT Myanmar – Laying Foundations and Mobilizing Civil Society” (FLEGT being an EU programme “Forest Law Enforcement, Governance, and Trade”) for the Myanmar CSO, “ALARM” in Myanmar

    $3M, WorldBank, Kathmandu, Nepal (2010-2013)

    • Led the US$3m, three year programme for introducing and training CSOs and government officials in social accountability approaches and mechanisms, much of which was targeted at corruption and the effects of corruption on citizens
    • Responsible for all monitoring, evaluation and risk management as well as selection, recruitment and performance management of a broad range of technical specialists
    • Directly supervised the work of 4 large Nepali NGOs
    • Designed, processed and structured contracts and grant agreements, agreed results frameworks and work plans with partners, monitored implementation, and liaised with Government of Nepal at national and local levels, as well as donor organizations, and small CSOs and CBOs implementing social accountability projects at a local level.Designed training for the National Administrative Staff College on Gender and Social Inclusion, Accountability, Integrity.
    • Produced “Sourcebook for 21 Tools in Social Accountability in Nepal”
  • Nov 2004-Dec 2010 Programme Director, Civil Society Programme (CSP), Aga Khan Development Network/Aga Khan Foundation (AKDN/AKF)


    • Designed and directed the five-year eight-country programme, funded by DFID (US$ 7.5M), that operated in Mali, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan
    • Designed an innovative program of strengthening the civil society sector (increasing knowledge of Government and Parliament about the work of the civil society sector, improving the image of CSOs, improving the enabling legal environments, increasing financial self-reliance) and ‘building a society that is civil’ (building public integrity, and corporate social responsibility) often in a context where CSOs were regarded with disfavor by Governments
    • Worked through the AKF offices in each of the countries, and managed seven local staff to do this. Managed the contractual requirements of DFID.
    • Produced “Beyond NGOs” with INTRAC, and series of 8 brochures on Organisational Management and Training
  • Nov 2002-Nov 2004 Programme Manager, Engaging Civil Society Project (ECSP)

    $1.7M, Catholic Relief Services, (USAID), Dili, Timor Leste

    • Led a two year, $1.7M project to build organisational competence in 18 national CSOs in East Timor shortly after independence, followed by building their technical capacity in advocacy
    • Managed the process to lead CSOs from post-disaster relief work into longer term development, including helping them fulfil their organisational remits, their role in civil society and their role in engaging government bodies through advocacy
    • Produced 12 manuals to help CSOs with this process and introduced Organisational Capacity
    • Assessment tools to CSOs in Timor Leste and as well as a variety of advocacy training tools in 3 languages.
  • Nov 2000-Nov 2002 Civil Society and Anti-Corruption Adviser, Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Provided technical assistance on anti-corruption issues and consensus building, clarified the structural and systemic nature of corruption in Indonesia.
    • Worked as part of an integrated team on annual good governance reports, which were submitted to the Govt. of Indonesia
    • Managed country wide workshops on limiting corruption in Indonesia and improving government’s responses to demands for better governance
    • Edited 4 Volumes of “Stealing from the Poor” and co-authored “Participatory Corruption Appraisal”
  • Dec 1999-Nov 2000 Grants Manager and Civil Society Specialist, Civil Society Support and Strengthening Project (CSSP) of USAID

    $50M, Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Supported the initial stages of the project, set up the proposal processing and grant making systems for a 4 year, $50m project
    • Adviser to the project on issues of CSO financial self-reliance, and advocacy
    • Managed a team of 5 program officers whose job was to interface with potential grantees, support them develop good proposals, and monitored their implementation.
    • Produced “From a Good idea to a Successful Project”
  • Jul 1998-Nov 1999 Country Representative, Pact Zambia and Team Leader for CABUNGOZ (Capacity building of NGOs in Zambia)

    Lusaka, Zambia

    • Trained NGOs in advocacy skills, created an enabling government environment for NGO advocacy, and researched the impact of democratic governance concepts on the basic needs of poor Zambians.
    • Advised on grant-making procedures and practices, mapped, initiated and worked with Zambian CSOs to build capacity of advocacy and social accountability [keywords]
    • This frequently involved collaboration with GRZ and negotiating compromises between the objectives of NGOs and Government
    • Produced “Establishing and Rinning an Advocacy NGO”
  • Jun 1995-Nov 1999 Senior Associate, Pact Inc. and Representative of Pact in Zambia

    Lusaka, Zambia

    • Responsible for assisting the development of Pact’s organizational development both at HQ and in the country programmes
    • Managed the documenting of Pact’s competencies and comparative advantages, strengthening Pact’s sectoral expertise, developing new programs, identifying resources, and advising on specific programs
    • Produced “Towards Financial Self-Reliance – handbook for reosuurce mobilization for CSOs”
  • Pre-1995
    • 1989 – 1995: Team Leader for Pact’s program, PRIP, in Bangladesh, institution building of CSOs (program later indigenized into the PRIP Trust which still continues)
    • 1985-1989 Asia Director for CUSO, managing programmes in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India
    • 1979-85 Director of OXFAM in Indonesia working in Central Java, and NTT
    • 1978-79: Travelling Consultant for Appropriate Technology International, USA to identify appropriate
    • technology collaborating institutions in South Pacific (Fili, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, PNG, Solomons)
    • and Southern Africa (Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland)
    • 1976-78: Social Development Adviser, ODA (now DFID) for Eastern Caribbean.
  • Selected consultancies
    • Aug 2004 Consultant to OSI to produce book on NGOs as Corruption Fighters through monitoring and advocacy
    • Oct 1999 Resource Person on NGOs and Corruption for the 9th International Anti-Corruption Conference, Durban
    • Aug 1999 Consultancy for TI Berlin over 18 months to write a manual on Advocacy NGOs for local chapters and training chapters in its use in East and West Africa
    • Nov 1997-Jan 1998 USAID and the World Bank researching the principles and practice of Northern donors in respect of capacity building of Southern NGOs
    • Jan 1998 Pact Ethiopia evaluating a training and mentoring program for Ethiopian NGOs
    • Mar 1998 Action Aid Kenya, documenting their capacity building activities with small Kenyan NGOs
    • May 1998 Aga Khan Foundation in Uganda designing a NGO capacity building programme
    • May/Jun 1997 GTZ Zambia researching the possible contribution of NGOs in Zambia to development
    • Jan/Feb 1996 Team Leader for Evaluation of the Public Welfare Assistance Scheme of the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services of the Government of Zambia
  • Selected publications
    • 2009, Co-author (Chapter 4): From Political Won’t to Political Will – Studies in Participatory Governance. CIVICUS
    • 2004, Author: NGO Corruption Fighters Resource Book – How NGOs can use Monitoring and Advocacy to Fight Corruption. IMPACT
    • 2002, Co-author (with Stefanie Teggeman): Participatory Corruption Appraisal. The Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia.
    • 2002, Editor: English Edition of Stealing from the Poor – 16 Studies of Corruption in Indonesia. Aksara Foundation
    • 2001, Author: Handbook for the use of the Civil Society Index – a Tool for Self-assessment of CSOs. CIVICUS
    • 2001, Author: Towards Financial Self-Reliance – Strategies for Citizens’ Organizations. Earthscan,
    • 1998, Author: Grant Making and Grant Managing. Christian Medical Association of Zambia
    • 1997, Author: NGOs – Losing the Moral High Ground: corruption and misrepresentation. Paper for the 8th International Anti-Corruption Conference, Lima, Peru August





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