Capacity Building of Southern CSOs

Organisational Capacity Assessment Tool
Richard Holloway. 1995

Building the Capacity of the Non Governmental Organisations in the South Vols 1 & 2
The Principles and Practice of Northern, Bilateral , Multilateral and Foundation donors

Volume 1: Overview and Survey Report
Volume 2: Organisational Profiles and Illustrative Studies

Co-author of document produced for USAID and World Bank to support the Interim Steering Committee for the Establishment of the International Working Group on Capacity Building for Southern NGOs. 1998

Establishing and Running an Advocacy NGO
by Richard Holloway, produced by Pact Inc. USA 2001
Also available in French and Indonesian

Establishing and Running an Advocacy NGO – Trainers Manual 
by Richard Holloway – produced by Pact Inc,. USA. Also available on AKDN website (
Also available in Indonesian


Aga Khan Foundation Civil Society Booklets
By Richard Holloway, produced by the Aga Khan Foundation 2005. Available on

  1. Problems in Managing organisations 
  2. Skills in Managing Organisations
  3. Improving Management
  4. The Board and its functions
  5. Organisational structures and systems 
  6. Managing people and their work
  7. Managing Finances
  8. Building a more Civil Society


Capacity Building of CSOs – lessons and issues we face
Contribution from Richard Holloway to Rockefeller Foundation Symposium. Kenya 2006

Exit Strategies – transitioning from International to Local leadershp in Bangladesh
By Richard Holloway, produced by Pact Publications, New York 1997

From a Good idea to a Successful Project – helping project proposal makers reach a grant agreement
by Richard holloway, produced by CSSP, Indonesia May 2000

by Richard Holloway for Pact 1996

NGO Capacity Building, and the place of Resource Mobilisation within it 
by Richard Holloway 1996

Setting the Context and giving Feedback – consultancy on the NGO sector in Tanzania 
by Richard Holloway for Norwegian Peoples Aid, Tanzania 1996

OOPPP … and Beyond: Objectives Oriented Participatory Project Planning
by Richard Holloway for Pact Ethiopia 1996

The Capacities needed for a Sustainable CSO Pyramid 
diagram by Richard Holloway 1996

When your work is blocked – adding Advocacy to Service Delivery 
by Richard Holloway for CRS Timor Leste 2002

How Zambian NGOs can use Advocacy to advance their Mission

Compiled, written, and edited by Richard Holloway and Brenda Liswaniso, 2000

Managing Developmental Civil Society Organisations

by Richard Holloway 2015. Practical Action Publishing, UK

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