Zambia, Pact and USAID

By 1995 it was time to move from Bangladesh in that I had indigenized PRIP into the PRIP Trust, and had worked myself out of a job – the aim of many development practitioners. My wife, Clare Blenskinsop, who had been working for UNICEF in Bangladesh was offered a post in Zambia, and we moved there with me as a house husband, but who had been offered by Pact the opportunity of still keeping a connection with it (being called a Senior Associate) and being encouraged to take up consultancies that would promote Pact as an agency, as well as look for long term opportunities that Pact bid for in Zambia.

1995-1997 enabled me to take up a range of interesting work in Zambia, and then consultancies outside Zambia (in Tanzania for NCR, Kenya for Action Aid, Indonesia for Pact, Tanzania for Aga Khan Foundation, Jamaica for the EU, and a range of other shorter consultancies for Transparency International, INTRAC, the Resource Alliance and others. It also enabled me to develop a range of training materials based upon my experience to date (aggregated into “Establishing and Running an Advocacy NGO”, and “Towards Financial Self-Reliance – a handbook for NGOs in the South”. I also found interesting and useful work in Zambia with the World Bank, NORAD, GIZ, and OXFAM.

After two years of serial and invigorating consultancies and the production of manuals, handbooks, and training materials, USAID requested a bid for proposals for a project that came to be called CABUNGOZ (Capacity Building for NGOs in Zambia) which involved the following fields:

a. Training Zambian CSOs to understand advocacy, and to move from service delivery to advocacy – which involved re-negotiating their role vis-a-vis government

b. Training an important umbrella organisation for church funding to the Health Field called Churches Medical Association of Zambia into taking a new role as a Foundation to fund health CSOs

c. Ascertaining what good governance meant to the people of Zambia, and how it could be encouraged in a Zambian context.


Pact won the bid and I spent the next three years delivering CABUNGOZ in Zambia, based at the CMAZ, and working with Brenda Liswaniso who subsequently opened up the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility in Zambia by becoming responsible for CSR from one of the mines.



  • Developing handbooks under the aegis of Pact which have become useful to the civil society sector worldwide
  • Developing understanding of the role of grant making and foundation building with CMAZ
  • Introducing “Capacity and Vulnerability Assessment” to Zambia in the face of droughts
  • Negotiating, under the umbrella of the World Bank, for the government of Zambia to better understand the value of CSOs in the country
  • Clarifying, for service delivery organisations, what advocacy meant, and helping them to initiate it.
  • Clarifying for donors the actual and potential role of CSOs in the development of the country.



From Disaster relief to Development in Zambia – report on Disaster Preparedness Training Workshop
by Richard Holloway in collaboration with the Catholic Secretariat

Civil Society, NGOs and Government – accountability and public Policy in Zambia
by Richard Holloway for the British Council and DFID, Lusaka 1996

Depending on Ourselves – Zambian experience in Domestic co-authored with Paige Hull, Pact Zambia 1996

Learning from Each other – report of an NGO Consultation on community based approaches to development
by Richard Holloway for UNICEF Zambia 1996

FODEP – report of an institutional strengthening workshop for the Foundation for Democratic Processes
by Richard Holloway for FODEP 1997

The NGO sector in Zambia – a study on enhancing its contribution to development
co-authored by Richard Holloway for GIZ in Zambia 1997

Grant making and Grant Management – overview for Church Missionary Association of Zambia
by Richard Holloway for CMAZ 1997

How Parliament works in Zambia – Guidelines for CSOs
by Richard Holloway for Pact Zambia 1998

Civil Society in Zambia – the basis for OXFAM’s involvement with it
by Richard Holloway for OXFAM 1999

A Handbook for Training Courses on Advocacy – how Zambian NGOs can use advocacy to advance their mission
by Richard Holloway for pact Zambia, 1999.

Examples of Advocacy in Zambia – 11 case studies of Zambian citizens initiatives to change policy and perspective
by Richard Holloway for Pact Zambia 1999


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