What you have here is the story of what I think I have accomplished in each of the countries or with each of the agencies where I have worked. Listed with it are significant documents attached to these accomplishments, both authored by me and by others.

Myanmar, British Council, VSO, ECCDI

Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Child and Family Welfare Association (ECFWA)

Botswana and the Ngamiland Youth Training Centre (one of the Brigades)

South Sudan and the International Union for Child Welfare

The Eastern Caribbean, Dominica, and ODA (now DFID)

The South Pacific, Southern Africa, Appropriate Technology, and ATI

Asia (Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Burma), and CUSO with CIDA money

Bangladesh, Pact, PRIP and USAID


Indonesia, Chemonics and USAID

Indonesia, Corruption and the Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia (WB/ADB/UNDP)

Timor Leste, Advocacy and the Catholic Relief Services (USAID)

Aga Khan Foundation, Geneva, Ishmailis, DFID and the Civil Society Programme (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mali, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan), and also Egypt, Mozambique, Portugal and Syria

Nepal, World Bank and Social Accountability

Myanmar, SPECTRUM, ECCDI, British Council and CSO strengthening

Myanmar: British Council, Spectrum, ECCDI – CSO strengthening – DFID

Myanmar: ALARM, Reducing illegal logging – EU

East Africa: VSO, Social Accountability – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania – DFID

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