You have reached the website of Richard Holloway. This website is an attempt to put in one place, for easy reference, my range of experience and expertise, and documents / videos you may be interested to see. After 40 years in overseas development, the great majority of which has been in the field, I think it is sensible to try and centralise information in one place.

My professional interests have always been with the voluntary, non-profit, non-government sector of development, and its attempts to support and strengthen the poor and powerless – but have evolved into the following more specific fields:


I hope you will see evidence and examples of activities and accomplishments in these fields on this website.

This website will also show you a short and a long CV, books I have authored and co-authored, articles and other non-print products, a round-up of accomplishments in each country or field, my skills and a list of those who have employed me.

If you are interested in these fields, I would be interested to hear from you – particularly if you have ideas which will allow me to do more useful work.

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